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Breeder goats delivered to Sarawak, East Malaysia in November 2008

Breeder goats delivered to Sarawak, East Malaysia in November 2008

Malaysian Airlines Kargo handled the shipment
Malaysian Airlines Kargo handled the shipment









  In November 2008 we sent our first export shipment to Malaysia, an order of 36 breeder goats were shipped to Sarawak, East Malaysia by Malaysian Airlines out of Brisbane, Queensland.  Malaysian Airlines have a very high standard of shipping protocol for livestock and all animals arrived safely.  While in KLIA all animals are accomadated in Malaysian Airlines’ 6 Star animal hotel, an air conditioned facility run by qualified livestock handlers.  I would like to extend an offer of gratitude to our customer in Sarawak, who had the faith to deal with a first time Exporter, I know we both learnt a lot from the experience.  Hopefully our continued partnership will allow us to develop a high quality supply chain to Eastern Malaysia.

 Australia is in a unique position to supply a high standard of crossbred, commercial fullblood and  fullblood stud goats suitable for export to many countries around the world. AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) provides import and export inspection and certification to help retain Australia’s highly favourable animal, plant and human health status.

Red Ridge Goats, Australia is currently developing a network of quality breeders to supply animals for the international export market.

Our aim is to supply a personal service to clients that guarantees quality livestock direct from Australian breeders, an international partnership where farmers deal with farmers direct.”

 Visit one of our preferred breeders,

Cartef Goat Industries

Heritage Anglo Nubian Goats and Australian Meelans 


What is involved in exporting goats from Australia?

The purchase price of the goats on farm in only a small portion of the total landed cost of goats into another country. Because some of these costs are fixed whether you import 1 goat or many goats, it is cheaper per goat to put together a larger order, rather than 1 or 2 goats. Other costs that might have to be added to the price of the goats are:

  • Blood tests and Veterinary inspections of the animals on farm.
  • Checking the health status of the farm from which the animals came.
  • Transport of the goats to a quarantine centre.
  • Cost of an export Agent.  Animals in Australia may only be exported with the services of an Export Agent to complete the large amount of paperwork required.
  • Quarantine costs
  • Blood tests and veterinary inspections in Quarantine.
  • Government Inspections charges for Quarantined animals
  • Special crates to be constructed or hired for air or sea travel.
  • Transport of the goats from the quarantine centre to the departure point.
  • Freight costs by air or sea between Australia and the country they are going to.
  • Government and Veterinary Inspections prior to embarking.
  • Inspections on arrival in the new country.
  • Transport to the quarantine centre in the new country. 
  • Blood test and more inspections in Quarantine.
  • Government charges.
  • Taxes. 
  • Transport of goats from Quarantine to their new homes.


Please contact us for further information

Boer breeders settle in to Sarawak





Boer breeders settle in to Sarawak

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