Kalahari Red Goats

A  recent addition to registered meat goat breeds is the Kalahari Red. This goat was originally selected from red c2010oloured, lop-eared, indigenous goats  with red colouration. As the animals began to show uniformity, it was given breed status.  

The outstanding qualities of these goats – hardiness, colour, size and mother abilities were the reason for starting this breed.  Breeders have selected and retained these unique qualities for the past 25 years.  The Kalahari Reds were improved, and much emphasis was placed on carcass mass and growth rate.

Kalahari Red Buck bred by Mr Albi Horn, Hartebeeshoek Stud Farm, South Africa

Breed Genetics

The Kalahari Red Goat is in no way related to any other South African goat.  The breed was not selected from animals of any particular breed.  Blood tests and genetic distance testing were conducted on the animals of some breeders by the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa to determine whether or not it was a separate breed.  The test showed no relationship to other South African breeds.  This was a condition stipulated for the breed to be registered.

Kalahari Reds can be used to give Australian goats a uniform, solid red colour, with all the unique advantages that this brings.  Their earthy colour provides a good camouflage that protects them from predators.  White kids would be seen easily by foxes pigs and eagles.  They are fully pigmented, and therefore able to endure heat and strong sunshine.  Their dark coats and long ears provide good heat resistance, and will, therefore, feed for longer during he heat of the day, which ultimately means higher weight gains.



Red Ridge Kalahari Stud is based on the genetics developed in South Africa by Albi Horn at his stud in the Karoo, South Africa.  Direct line descendants of the first Kalahari Red Goat embroyos imported into Australia, our stud goats are registered with the Stud Book of South Africa and are soon to be registered with the BGBAA.

Animals for Sale

Our 2009 Kidding Season produced many excellent animals however all are now sold or retained by us for breeding.  Orders may be placed for kids due in May/June.


2010 Kidding

Our kidding season started about 2 weeks ago and we have some lovely kids on the ground.  We have had trouble with wedge tailed eagles taking kids as they are born.  However we have not lost any red kids, only white boer kids.

Some new photos soon…

41 Responses to “Kalahari Red Goats”

  1. Dear Sir,
    We are in need of Kalahari pair which is to be despatched to INDIA.
    KIndly inform us about the trade terms with price particulars along with insurance premiem.
    Prop: Malachi Farms

  2. I like the breed.Inform me of any beneficial information that lead me to breed successfully with RED KALAHARI GOATS.CELL NO 0823989749

  3. Dear Phuti, I see by your email address you are located in South Africa, your best contact there would be Mr Albi Horn, you will find a link and contact details for him on his website, there is a link to this on my home page, regards
    Red Ridge Goats

  4. would you advise a new farmer to start off with the breed?

  5. I am interested in these goats and the photo you show of your stock is impressive. Do you do anything with Artificial Insemination and do you have any experience with shipping to the US and Jamaica and any experience with shipping animals, semen and or embryos. I await your response.

    Eddie Parr

  6. Dear Eddie, as yet we do not do AI, most of our exports have gone to South East Asia, I have not exported to the States or Jamaica. I have just contacted the Australian Quarantine Services to see what travel requirements/protocols are in place. However they have not got back to me with an answer as yet. If you are able to send me a copy of your protocols, for Jamaica, or USA, which ever you prefer, I will be able to put a price together for you.

    As a guide my fullblood kalahari animals start at A$900, pickup from farm.

    I will get back to you when I hear from AQIS,

    if you would like to email me direct, my email is below,

    Grayleen Taylor

    Red Ridge
    Kalahari Red Stud
    Australian Meat Goats
    Gin Gin, Qld, Australia
    ph: 07 41573620 mb: 0429877081

  7. Yes certainly, the Kalahari are very easy to handle, a hardy animal who make very good mothers.

    please let me know if you would like some more information,

    Grayleen Taylor

    Red Ridge
    Kalahari Red Stud
    Australian Meat Goats
    Gin Gin, Qld, Australia
    ph: 07 41573620 mb: 0429877081

  8. I can you tell me where can I buy Kalahari Red semen if you do can you please let me know..here is my email tsslogistics@hotmail.com

  9. Are there any Kalahari Reds in the US? If so can you please send me the contact information?

  10. Likf to know more and see more pictures of d goat and houses

  11. Grayleen,
    I live at Charleville and i’m interested in the Kalahari Reds. I have a few hand raised feral goats, I’m interested in bucks to cross with them. I have read alot of the Kalahari reds but the heat out here i’m so worry about. Plus have you incounted any problem with them in Australia.

  12. Please send me information about kalahari red .

  13. Please send me information about Kalahari Red Goats

  14. Looking for the reds in canada or us.

  15. hi i am located in Mumbai (India) i would like to buy kalahari red and australian boer goats could you help me with their price including all the cost including shipping till india or by air if possible with all required registration and certificates.

  16. Hi!! i would like to know if i can’t find some of your rams semen to purhase bcause i’m in Botswana and like to have some Kalahari Reds in my breeding.

    I would be glad if you can help me.

    With regards,Kaelo Dinokopila.

  17. Please keep updating me with Sales and workshops for these goats as I am also an upcoming young farmer.

  18. I breed goats in Swaziland and have been focusing mainly on Boar Goats. I have developed some land good for any type of goat breeding. I have a very strong interest in Kalahari Red, after seeing some wonderful pictures in Swaziland’s Agricultural trade fair. Who can help me with Kalahari Red stock, both males and females? My cell phone number is 0839220462.I reside in South Africa, but do my farming work in Swaziland.

  19. please kindly offer me the price of 10 does and 1 buck redf Kalahari. I live in Mataram Lombok West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia.
    Sincerely yours,
    Lalu A. Damanhuri mb. 0818669579

  20. Dear Sir , I am located in India I am farmer and would like to buy your red Kalahari buck & Doe (pair) please inform me how to buy my email : mushtaq.ghanchi@gmail.com
    Thanks & Regards

    Mushtaq Ahmed Ghanchi

  21. Female Farmer, I have just started goat farming I am in Swaziland but I am doing it on a small scale. I am focusing mainly on Boar Goats.I am interested on buying Kalahari red. Please can I have your price?

  22. Hi, our registered full Kalahari Reds start at $900, we have commercial animals (not registered – full red) starting at $400

  23. Hello, we have not exported to India before, and I do not have a copy of the protocols for your country, are you able to get a copy of the Import Protocols for Breeder Goats to India. Our farm prices for our Registered full blood Kalahari Red goats start at $900,
    Ms. Grayleen Taylor

  24. Dear Mr. Lalu A. Damanhuri,
    I have visited Nusa Tenggara and you live in a very beautiful part of the world, can you tell me if the import requirements for Goats are the same in Lombok as they are for mainland Indonesia? I need to know so that I can supply a CIF price. Our Registered goats start at $900 from our farm,

    Grayleen Taylor
    ph: 610741573620

  25. Dear Mr Themba Manana,
    are you able to obtain Kalahari Red goats in South Africa?, your best contact would be Mr. Albi Horn
    083 440 1355 ( Local )
    +27 83 440 1355 ( International )
    053 712 3193 ( Local )
    +27 53 712 3193 ( International )

  26. Dear Mr. Kaelo Dinokopia,
    your best contact for semen would be Mr. Albie Horn in South Africa, his contact details are below
    083 440 1355 ( Local )
    +27 83 440 1355 ( International )
    053 712 3193 ( Local )
    +27 53 712 3193 ( International )

  27. Hello, can you please let me know if you are still interested in buying Kalahari Red Goats as we will have stock available in a few months,
    Grayleen Taylor

  28. Dear Mr. R Alcock, no we have no worries with the heat, these animals come from South Africa and are breed in similiar conditions to Western Queensland, the Kalaharis in my herd seek hot spots even on the hottest day, they are fully black pigmented animals and as such are breed for such conditions,
    Grayleen Taylor

  29. Could you please let us know if there are any Kalahari Goats in the US at this time, We are really interested in raising these goats. Thanks,
    Farren Hunsaker
    P.O. Box 95 Emery UT 84522 USA

  30. Hi there im stayn in the northern part of botswana and intreseted on farming the khalahari red breed. The problem here is the condition of heartwater which sometimes occurs more special when rain is more.What should i do to keep the breed?

  31. Hi, we do not have heartwater here in Australia, I believe there is a vaccine available for it, are you able to use this?

  32. Hi Farren, yes I believe there are a few KR breeders in the USA I don’t have much information on them, however you could contact these people in Canada they may be able to help,
    Ray & Ann Marie Hauck

    Phone: (403) 932-3135
    Fax : (403) 932-3135

    Ray & Ann Marie Hauck
    Box 968
    Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
    T4C 1B1

  33. I am looking for sources of Kalahari Red embryos that can be imported into the US.

    Gale Harris DVM

  34. I have a huge breeding farm in Sudan.
    Wishing to buy Kalahari Red Goats.
    Please give me the price and age if possible.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best Regards

  35. Is it possible for me to buy the semen of your buks? I am a Botswana lady who love small stock and have started to rear them.

  36. Iam from nigeria I need a pair of red kalahari goat pls kindly give me the cost ant the financial implication down to nigeria

  37. I just started a farm in NIGERIA and wish to have may be just two pairs of your kalahari red. what are the protecols and how much two male two female will cost me to Nigeria?

  38. Am looking to export a breeding pair of Kalahari to Mumbai India. Can you please advise the process and cost. And a number I could call you at.

  39. Dear Sirs
    Would you please give me email IDs of trusted Kalahari red goat breeders.

  40. That is a fantastic breed. Weldone by the breeders,cant wait to see this breed in my homeland in Zimbabwe.

  41. Can you please send me pieces of 4 male and two female and when and where I can come and get them

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