Taylor’s Working Kelpies

Have a look at our new page, Taylor’s Kelpies.  In 2009 we purchased two dogs from Sean and Evonne Barrett of Black Dog Kelpies.  Both dogs are maturing well, showing great working ability, caste, herd and hold skills.  My son Jack has been working for Sean and Evonne and is developing great dog skills, leaving me far behind.  I’m learning to not over command, my blonde bitch “Blondie” has taught me a lot in her first 2 years.

~ by australianmeatgoats on April 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Taylor’s Working Kelpies”

  1. Where are you guys based?

  2. hey there,
    Do you no anywhere that i can get my dog trained to work?

  3. Hi Dion, where are you located, know a few people who may be able to help you, how old is the dog, does it have good working instinct? Are you interested in learning yourselff, there is a working dog school at Boubyjan in a couple of weeks,

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